Smart machines at work

Gardens restoration evidently demands a lot of labour (dominantly male so far), but there is some impressive equipment to see close up. Earlier on the paths were stripped by a complicated gadget, and today (August 16th) the new asphalt is being spread by this paver:

They promise a smaller version when it comes to the paths under the Arches! Meanwhile it works at some pace, aided by several blokes as you can see here, together with the resultant surface.

Splendid outdoor gallery around the perimeter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA great selection of paintings from the Pump Room Gardens and nearby is now displayed on the boundary fencing.

Meanwhile, on Saturday 21st July the stones from the retaining wall to the flower beds are laid out ready for reconstruction. There’s a wide variety of forms, from boulders through partly squared stones to fully finished pieces: if only they could talk what a story they could tell!

Retaining wall stones ready for re-assembly

Inside the fence: digging under way

In case you can’t easily get to the Gardens regularly we will keep these little news items flowing…


Here you can see that the paths on the west side of the gardens are being dug up, in preparation for complete renewal. I’m wondering who thought it  sensible to have the litter bins enclosed within the site area, unaccessible to the public…