Warwickshire Pride – 2017

Leamington Peace Festival – 2017

Photos from BID Leamington

Tree Works – 2016

Photos by Martyn Adams – FPRG

Leamington Business Awards


Left to right:- Jenny St. John – Friend of the Pump Room Gardens (FPRG), Mayor of Leamington Councillor Anne Morrison, Katherine Attreed – FPRG, Archie Pitts – Chairman of FPRG, Zani Franklin – FPRG, Kristie Naimo – FPRG, Jon Holmes – WDC, Chairman of WDC Councillor Jane Knight, Laura Smith – WDC

Photo by Liz Drake – FPRG

Lantern Parade 2015

    David Harrop Bandstand Snowflakes Bandstand  Snowey Bandstand

Underneath the Bandstand

Read the full story here

Christmas Shopping & Lantern Parade 2014

Leamington Food & Drink Festival

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